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AC Competizione fist impressions - Kamil Franczak after Spa challenge

During the Total Spa 24h 2018 from the Blancpain GT series, the first official e-sport competition in the pre-premiere version of the Assetto Corsa Competizione took place.
Simracers and drivers of the real GT3 series took part in the challenge. One of the participants was Kamil Franczak, known on the e-sport world. After returning home, we asked Kamil some questions about the iconic Spa, participation in the challenge and the impression of playing AC Competizione.
Spa this year attracted a huge crowd of competitors - 63 cars on the track - and viewers hungry for the 24-hour endurance race. During the weekend Stefan Ratel, the founder of the SRO organization managing the Blancpain GT series, presented the most important development assumptions for the coming years and also announced the official racing game under the full license of the Blancpain GT - Assetto Corsa Competizione.

more about the SRO presentation
:arrow: Blancpain GT Series sezon 2018

A view from the iconic Eau Rouge down to the the service area and the main Spa tribune
Dołączona grafika

In the part of the presentation dedicated to simulation, Marco Massaruto - one of the founders of the Italian Kunos Simulazioni - presented the assumptions of the upcoming game and revealed date of September 12 as the date of Assetto Corsa Competizione entry into Steam early access program..

more about the ACC presentation
:arrow: Znamy datę premiery Assetto Corsa Competizione!

Marco Massaruto during the long awaited by the simracing community official presentation of the ACC
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One of the highlights of the racing day were Kunos area, where new game was demonstrated, and where virtual challenge took place involving 2 measuring laps at the Spa Francorchamps in the Lamborghini Gallardo GT3. Everyone could try more than once, after waiting in the growing queue of simracing enthusiasts.

After a fierce duel, the winner was Enzo Bonito from Team Redline, leading a tiny 75 milliseconds before our friend Kamil Franczak from Tritton Racing Team. Time differences were minimal, fight lasted until the very end and and the leading players dominated competition, leaving no illusions to the professional drivers and other interested players.

Queue to the Pirelli tent, where the Kunos challenge took place
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So much for the introduction, let's ask Kamil himself for impressions.

rauf: Hi Kamil, I will start with congratulations for taking part in challenge, looked like first place was at hand, I hope that the official honors on the real Spa podium makes you smile?

Kamil: Exactly, there was not much, but at such a level of competition such differences in times are quite common. The mood was great all the time, to appear on the podium of the race of this rank is the best reward you can ever hope for!

Have you been to this track before? How is the overall impression of the race in which there are more than 60 GT3 cars on the grid?

No, it was my first time at the Spa Francorchamps. Impressions were amazing - to see the same track, in which the week before I took part on the iRacing platform, it felt like I was on this object before.

Winners of the ACC hotlap challenge, from the left Kamil Franczak, Enzo Bonito and Hany Alsabti, decoration on the podium of the 'big' Spa
Dołączona grafika

Naturally, we are most interested in the impressions of pre-premiere driving at AC Competizione, how long does the driving session last, how did you like Fanatec steering wheel and ultra-wide Samsung monitor supplied by AK Informatica?

ACC is for now in the pre-alpha stage, but already seems to be a fairly polished game. When my moment came, I had 6 minutes in rig, which corresponded to the two measured laps. The above-mentioned monitor looked good and for those who prefer one wide monitor it is a very good proposition.

Rigs prepared in cooperation with Kunos, AK Informatica, Samsung, Fanatec and rSeat
Dołączona grafika

The main competitor of Kamil, also titled "alien" Enzo Bonito
Dołączona grafika

Talking about the ride itself, the Spa track and Lambo GT3 are rather well-known combo, there was no problem with accommodation in such a short period of time?

Adaptation lasted from the beginning of the competition to the very end. The long queue and lots of participants meant that every subsequent attempt seemed to be the first one.

So how do you rate your experience with the early version of the ACC, what were you attracted to?

You immediately feel that the base for physics is Assetto but you can talk about a big step forward here.From long conversations with the devs, it appears that the physics of tires, suspension and aero is rebuilt from scratch and simulates real time much more than it does in the previous incarnation.I was very surprised by the wet conditions and in my opinion it's the best rain simulation that can be found on the market, despite the fact that not all aspects are fully finished.

The prize for the second place was the Fanatec Clubsport V2.5 steering wheel
Dołączona grafika

If you would compare the ACC to another favorite sim, what conclusions you would have?

Well I have spent not enough time to be able to to summarize such assessments, but in short it is a game that appeal for sure to the fans of the previous version.

How do you rate the organization of the event, what impression did the people from the Kunos make on you? Have you had the opportunity to give them any of your thoughts?

The event organization was professional and at a very high level. The whole Kunos team is extremly nice, and in conversation you can feel what a great passion for them is motorsport. It turned out that they knew my name very well and were equally curious about my observations as real drivers who visited their zone!

From the left: Aristotelis Vasilakos - responsible for track tests and physics , Kamil Franczak, Stefano Casillo - founder and main programmer, and Davide Brivio ex Sparco engineer at Kunos recently responsible for marketing and business
Dołączona grafika

That's all for now, first impressions seem quite encouraging, how do you think?

AC Competizione can already be followed on Steam
More about development of the game on the forum
:arrow: Plotki nowości przewidywania - nowa gra Kunos Assetto Corsa Competizione

Final classification of hotlap challenge AC Competizione Spa24h
  • Enzo Bonito 02:17.352
  • Kamil Franczak 02:17.427
  • Hany Alsabti 02:18.144
Kamil Franczak, military pilot of the Polish Air Force, a talented driver and a professional simracer with considerable success on the account. Official Thrustmaster driver and a member of the Triton Racing e-sport team. Winner and participant in many international competitions, GT Academy, Global MX-5 Cup Invitational Race and many others. On our forum you can find him under the name fkkamil

Kamil's profile on facebook
:arrow: https://www.facebook...FranczakRacing/

Congratulations once again to Kamil and thank you for such a detailed experience from the first ACC tests. Interview driven by rauf

Polskojęzyczna wersja wywiadu
:arrow: Kamil Franczak o AC Competizione i Spa 24h - wywiad z prosem

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